Thursday, 21 April 2016



For a girl who is used to opening her curtains on a morning to an evergoing view of the seaside, being in Brighton was a home from home - despite the fact I'd never been there before! I've missed the smell of the sea since moving to the hustle and bustle of London town; my visit to Brighton has given me a nice fix. I must admit that this seaside town was much quirkier than the likes that I am used to up North filled with vintage shops and quaint cafes. And the sea - the sea is so so blue! In many ways this trip to the coast was a breath of fresh air.

As I said, before Monday I was a Brighton virgin, but I will definitely be back very soon especially when the weather starts to 'bright-on' up (punny), although the sun was shining on this fine Monday morning! Besides I need to go back soon just to sample all the sugary treats that are only acceptable to eat when you're by the seaside. Speaking of treats, among the many cute cafes, delis and bakerys that line the lanes of Brighton, I stumbled upon the delicious Pelicano that had the most amazing bagels, sandwiches, cakes and bakes. I will definitely be visiting there again on my next visit! For a cheekier treat, I popped into Seven Stars gin bar and gave one of their many original flavoured gins a try. Gin is my tipple so you can imagine my excitement when there was so many different flavour on offer! I settled for strawberry and basil flavour with tonic mixer and lime wedge. It went down all too easy! It was so good.

Okay enough about food now! The pier was the perfect amount of seaside tackiness that just warms my heart! I'm still not over the colour of the sea - so blue! The Royal Pavilion is such an unusal building but nevertheless beautiful along with the gardens that surround it. On top of this, I just fell in love with the quirky shops that lined the streets. The shop that is photographed in my photo diary is Workshop; the minimalistic, pinterest-perfect store that is just an eyegasm to visit. Other shops that stole my heart that I forgot to photograph amongst all the excitement of Brighton are: 

Posh Totty - a dainty personalised jewellery and gift store is just so pretty and minimal and is again pinterest-perfect. (FYI - they had the most amazing pomegranate candle that smelt just like Jo Malone's Pomegranate Noir scent. With their candles starting at £6.50 you can't go wrong!)
Berts Homestore - After moving into my first ever flat (scruffy uni flats are not to be counted) anything homeware-y excites me greatly! Yes I have reached that sad stage in my life where I now must choose between a new Mac lipstick or a cute decorative plate when the purse strings are tight - and what's sadder is that I don't know which I want more. This colourful store which brightens up all boring homeware pieces makes those decisions all the more harder!
England at Home - Again all things homeware. Think gadgets, colour, and quirk. This store is perfect for novelty gifts as well as handy little gadgets for your home that are made fun with a bright, clever design.

So if you can't already tell, I find this seaside town picture perfect! From the boutique stores, quaint cafes, stunning buildings, quirky street art and amazingly tacky but heartwarming seafront. Brighton, you are the perfect day out! I am already planning my next visit!